Our Projects.

Our Project Areas

Inlecom Commercial Pathways work on supporting innovation in several key sectors of EU funded research including; Technology, Critical Infrastructure, Food Production and Sustainability 

Our Technology Projects

Vital 5G

VITAL-5G will create an open, virtual and flexible experimentation facility, comprised of an intelligent virtual platform, three distributed European 5G testbeds and associated vertical infrastructure, to enable the testing and validation of T&L network applications in real-life conditions, using 5G connectivity


ACROSS aims to develop an end-to-end service and management platform for next generation networks that will help achieve improved performance, adaptability, growth, energy efficiency and automation

5G Timber

5G-TIMBER aims to support the rapid uptake of 5G technologies, considering real industrial practices and constraints in the EU timber industry over the wood value chain.

5G Media Hub

5GMediaHUB aims to simplify the development and testing of 5G-empowered media and entertainment vertical applications, helping European SMEs to become leaders in the race for these technologies


PRIME-VR2 aims to develop a state-of-the-art digital environment for VR rehabilitation at home through a virtual gaming space


DIVINE aims to show the cost benefits and added value of sharing agri-data. To do this, it will develop an agri-data ecosystem that combines data already commonly shared while also using industry-led pilots that are devised on data-sharing plans.

Our Critical Infrastructure Projects


EU-CIP project establishes a pan-European knowledge network for resilient critical infrastructures. It will enable policy makers to shape and produce data-driven policies, while boosting CI innovation capacity.


PRECINCT will connect private and public CI stakeholders in a geographical area to a cyber-physical security management method that will produce a protected territory for citizens and CIs.

Our Sustainability Projects


RAWMINA will develop an innovative pilot system for the clean and sustainable production of non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials in the EU from mine waste resources


ETERNAL intends to contribute to the sustainable development of manufacturing, use and disposal of pharmaceuticals. It will promote a full life-cycle approach to support this sustainability, as well as assess the environmental risks of the production process

Just Nature

The overall objective of JUSTNature is the activation of nature-based solutions (NbS) by ensuring a just transition to low-carbon cities, based on the principle of the right to ecological space. ​


CISUTAC project aims to increase textile circularity in Europe through a holistic approach enabling circular material flows


VARCITIES aims to create a vision for future cities with the citizen and the so-called human community at the centre. It will implement innovative ideas and add value by creating sustainable models for improving the health and well-being of citizens facing diverse climatic conditions and challenges around Europe


MultiCycle aimed to introduce an advanced and sustainable recycling process, as well as value chains for plastic-based multi-materials


Innovative sustainable on-site technologies for using microalgae to capture CO₂ and produce advanced biofuels.


Convert2Green will establish an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) to complement the European Open Innovation Ecosystem.

Our Food Production Projects


REDWine will establish a simple biorefinery inside a winery that will generate sustainable and cost-competitive ingredients for food formulations, cosmetics, agriculture and wine production.


ZeroW aims to study different approaches to prevent and reduce food waste and enhance the sustainability of food supply chains.

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