ACROSS Project

Our Mission

ACROSS is a HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022 funded research project that designs and implements an end-to-end service deployment and management platform for next generation networks and services, aiming at unprecedented levels of automation, performance, scalability, and energy efficiency


The ACROSS project has developed a number of key objectives: 

Develop a future-proof service orchestration framework with AI capabilities for handling events across a distributed cloud continuum.

Design & Implement a service deployment and orchestration framework using a logically centralized cloud-managed multi-domain orchestrator and distributed domain orchestrator instances.

Create an end-to-end telemetry infrastructure for zero-touch reporting and collection, featuring standardized reports and visualization.

Develop unsupervised AI for automated decision-making based on telemetry data to empower control loops.

Project Details


Led by NOVA, the ACROSS project is comprised of 11 partners from several countries including Greece, Spain, and Ireland. Partners range from major telecommunications, research institutions and not-for profit organisations. 

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