Meet Our Team.

Our Leadership Team

We have assembled a multi-disciplined team who will integrate with your research project to identify maximum commercial impact and protection of your key Intellectual property.

Dr Pat O'Sullivan

Director of Innovation

Pat has a 20+ year history in translating R&D funding into commercial outputs. Pat is a former CTO at IBM where he supported numerous SMEs towards accelerating their commercial roadmaps. Pat is ranked in Wikipedia’s list of prolific inventors with 360 granted patents. Pat is the CTO and Director of Innovation at ICP. 

Patrick Durkin

Commercial Director

Patrick has led a range of commercial enterprises over an extensive career in enterprise technology, with commercial leadership positions in global technology providers. Patrick has supported several research groups to assess the commercial applicability of their research and provide practical market validation for their technology solutions.

Jenny Rainbird

Director of OPERATIONS

Jenny has over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Project Manager of multidisciplinary, international research projects. Jenny leads winning project teams across geographies to deliver complex, high value projects, consistently achieving business outcomes, on budget, in the necessary timescales. Jenny holds an MBA and is a certified PRINCE2 practitioner.

Dr Christos Roupas

Director of EU projects

Christos, has worked as Project Director in over 15 EU projects related to the management, analysis and design of Information Systems.  He has 15 years’ experience in conception, analysis and implementation of information technology systems in various industries, with a primary focus on the successful commercialisation of R&D projects.

Our Project Managers

Anna George

Senior Project Manager

Anna George is a certified senior project manager (PMP, PRINCE2) with almost 20 years of practical PM experience, working in industries such as Telecom, IT, Building Products, Transport Research. Anna has managed and successfully delivered a plethora of projects for the European Commission under various framework contracts, coordinating multiple partners and incorporating large stakeholder engagements.

Dr Kevin Fleming

Senior project manager

Kevin is a geophysicist by training, with extensive research and project management experience, ranging from mineral exploration, sea-level change studies, glaciology, satellite geodesy, geodynamics, natural hazard and risk assessment, and serious games development. He has managed projects supported by the European Commission within international and multi-disciplinary contexts.

Ian Donovan

Project Manager

Ian is a skilled project manager with extensive experience in successfully leading large consortiums of partners from industry and research, in topics such as new technology adoption, climate action and sustainability. Ian has a track record in bringing together teams from diverse disciplines and securing public and private funding. Ian worked in the aerospace engineering sector and IT software development in Germany, delivering for global industrial clients as well as for government agencies.

Our Administation Team

Angela O'Sullivan

Administration support

Angela is a leader with 30 years’ experience across senior industry positions, at head office level for the financial services sectors at INBS, Anglo and IBRC. Angela is managing fiduciary and IP related KPIs for several of Inlecom’s EU SME clients, as well as overseeing the associated filing disposition of a pipeline of 40+ patents.

Our Innovation Consultants

Dr Colin Keogh

PrincipAL consultant

Colin is an experienced innovative engineer, inspired by using technology to make lasting impact. He has an extensive engineering and business background, with emphasis on R&D, Commercialisation and Validation in Energy, Manufacturing, Technology and Healthcare sectors. He was worked with number of Start-ups, Spin Outs & EU funded projects, leading actions to launch new innovative solutions.

Dr Ronan Frizzell

Principal Consultant

Ronan combines practical industrial experience with a rich technology background from numerous research management roles. Formerly a department head with Nokia Bell Labs, he oversaw a broad range of advanced research projects, all aiming to deliver new technology to the telecom market. Ronan’s principal areas of focus in ICP are commercial exploitation of research assets and IP protection.

Dr Vassilios Albanis

Senior Consultant

Vassilios has 20 years’ experience in technology transfer and commercialisation across a wide range of early-stage technologies. He worked with SMEs to evaluate technology concepts on technical and market viability. Vassilios worked at UCL Business, where he supported academic teams to commercialise innovative technologies. Vassilios has set up spinout companies and raised early-stage investment.

Dr David Cosgrave

Senior Consultant

David brings 15 years’ experience in both the academic and commercial worlds. David has lectured at several highly accredited universities, both in Ireland and internationally. David is Director of the Exam Performance Institute. Commercially, David has helped successfully launch products and services across a range of industries. David loves helping companies understand their customers to deliver value.

Dr Kata Trifkovic

Innovation Consultant

Dr. Kata Trifkovic has a vast interest in innovations in food systems. Kata has 10+ years of experience in developing proposals, managing and delivering research projects in the domain of food science and technology, active and sustainable packaging, targeted nutrition and new product development. Her role in ICP is primarily focused on advancing research innovation and fostering commercialization of research outputs for EU funded projects.

Derek Latil de Ros

Innovation Consultant

Derek worked on commercialising research from biotechnology for over a decade, including at Greenaltech, producing new ingredients from microalgae for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics applications.  At Leitat Technological Center, he developed innovative concepts for collaborative EU R&D about the circular and biobased economy. Derek holds a PhD in biotechnology. Derek is the CEO of Algemy.

Dr Maria Jose Bustos

Innovation Consultant

Dr. Maria Jose Bustos is a biologist specialised in molecular biology and genetics. She has experience as a freelance proposal writer for the SME Instrument and EIC Accelerator programmes, which are part of the Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe framework. She has raised €100k and helped a number of SMEs to define their commercial and business objectives with the aim to develop and prepare successful business proposals.

In House Consultants

Matthew Breslin

Data protection officer

Matt is ICP’s external compliance Director and DPO. He has been responsible for introducing and maintaining a regulatory and compliant environment in various organisations. Matt engages in consultancy work and operates as a mediator as well as a business compliance and regulatory advisor. Matt is a certified Data Privacy and Compliance Consultant.

Laura Franco

In House Consultant

Laura holds a BSc in International Relations and an MSc in Anthropology: Advanced Research. She has expertise in fostering innovative thinking and supporting the development, implementation and dissemination of EC projects that connect research with practical applications. She has a proven track record of driving dissemination and exploitation strategies, building Commercial Ecosystem Clusters and facilitating knowledge transfer of research projects through impactful communication (e.g., infographics, videos, workshops, etc.)  to a wide range of stakeholders.

Our Advisory Team

Dr Takis Katsoulakos


Takis is Inlecom Group MD and he 30 years’ experience in guiding €100+m of EC funding in advancing state of the art across various industry verticals. Throughout this time he has led the technical management and coordination of various EC projects (research and commercial). Projects under his management have dozens of successful patents as well as many commercially deployed applications for EU SMEs.

Yash Chadha

Director of Finance

Yash is the Director of EU Projects and Finance, with a proven track record of achievement over 25 years in the financial management of technology, distribution, recycling, security and service portfolios. He has specialist expertise in shaping strategic direction, driving change and delivering significantly increased business performance. He has held a Director position in both private and public companies across 25 years.

Ioanna Fergadiotou


Ioanna has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant, specialising in the design and development of information technology platforms and systems & the design and setup of research and commercial ICT projects. Currently in the position MD of the Inlecom Athens Lab, she has overseen and managed many R&D and Innovation projects with direct responsibility for KPIs that pertain to innovation, research outputs, POCs, scientific excellence and scientific advancements

Our Expertise

ICP is equipped to lead EU projects as project coordinator, or as work package leaders within the areas of IP and exploitation. 

ICP helps our partners to protect their innovation by providing IP education and facilitating successful patent applications.

ICP helps our project partners to extract  Key Exploitable Results from their research and build strategies to realise their value.

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