Commercial Exploitation.

We apply a cross-domain, consistent methodology that examines and prepares your research for commercialisation.

Our consultants help you answer some difficult commercial  questions at each stage of your project so a commercial vision can be intertwined with your research outputs.

Accelerate your research towards commercial viability

Our Methodology

ICP Commercial Pathway Methodology

Our unique Commercial Pathway Methodology, specially designed for EU-funded Research and Development (R&D) projects is infused with the core principles of the Lean Startup methodology. Our approach transforms challenges into opportunities, maximizing the market potential of R&D results and ensuring efficient use of resources. Through iterative cycles, a deep focus on customer feedback, and nimble market-entry tactics, we provide a fresh roadmap for propelling innovations from the lab to the market in the realm of EU R&D projects.

1. Customer Validation

In the initial phase, the methodology aims to identify and refine specific customer wants and needs, ensuring a strong foundation for market acceptance. This phase involves rigorous Market and Stakeholder Analysis and Segmentation followed by Use Case focused Business Validation through questionnaires, user interviews, and thorough post-feedback analysis.

2. Solution Alignment

During our Solution Alignment phase, we strategically align our innovations to match the precise needs of the discerning market. But this alignment is not only within our core team. We embark on a holistic journey, aiming to discover commercial pioneers with the vision and tenacity to lead the transition from R&D brilliance to marketplace triumph.

3. Business Model

The Business Model Selection phase focuses on identifying the most suitable business model that ensures acquisition and retention of profitable customers. By examining a range of potential models and aligning them with commercial leaders and early adopters, this phase aims to establish a sustainable framework for market entry.

4. Growth Planning

To plan a growth strategy for the innovation arising from the project, our emphasis is on weaving together a cohesive business blueprint that champions continuous growth and long-term stability. This crucial stage crafts intricate roadmaps spanning Financial, People, Product, Marketing, Sales, and Funding dimensions, creating a unified strategy that propels our commercialization vision forward.

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