About ICP

Our Expertise

ICP have developed a proven methodology for assessing patent strength. Our team has hundreds of successfully granted patents in EU, USA, Canada, China, and Japan, supported by a global ecosystem of IP attorneys.

Protect your research assets to enhance future commercial strength.

The Inlecom team has 20+ years in coordinating and managing complex publicly funded projects ranging from €3m (5-10 partners) to 25m (35-45 Partners).

Our proven project management and financial management  processes will free your team to focus their time on core Research and Innovation.

We help to remove the headache of coordination.

ICP assesses how valuable key exploitable results are for our project partners and build plans to realise their value.

ICP has developed a proven methodology specifically for commercialising innovation from EU projects. 

We help our partners understand the value of your research.


'Working with the ICP team was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had on an H2020 project. The coordination was extremely professional and well structured, resulting in seamless interaction between partners, a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and a project that achieved a lot. Kudos to Jenny and the team for their great work!'
Vincent Perez de Leon-Huet
Project Officer, European Organisation for Security
'I have had the privilege of working with ICP (Inlecom Commercial Pathways) on the PRECINCT project, and their professional approach to project coordination and their commitment to finding shared solutions are commendable. Jenny Rainbird's expertise significantly contributed to the project's success and the development of an ambitious pilot in Bologna!'
Giuseppe Luppino
Head of Unit EU Projects, Institute of for Transport and Logistics
“EU funded project PRECINCT gave us opportunity to work with colleges from Inlecom Commercial Pathways. Work under their coordination has been an excellent adventure which make us proud to be part of this success story. We hope that this has been just starting point for future pathways”

Dr. Denis Caleta
President of the Board, Institute for Corporative Security Studies

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