Intellectual Property.

Our Stats

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Patents Filed

Over 400 patents filed across EU, USA and Asia

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Success Rate

Inlecom’s success rate in patent applications is unrivalled

Our Method

Inlecom Commercial Pathways has developed a methodology for protecting innovation specifically developed in EU funded research projects. Our Inlecom Patent Framework (IPF) is a four step process which has ensured ICP has unrivalled success rate with patent applications for our partners.


Initiated by Inlecom Commercial Pathways, a dedicated ‘Patent Education’ session is held, with its primary goal being to equip all partners of the relevant project with a robust understanding of intellectual property and the patent process.

Idea Stimulation

Inlecom Commercial Pathways then deploys an in house developed ‘innovation disclosure form‘, which acts as the first formal step for partners to present their potential innovations for consideration. This form is pivotal in summarising the invention’s details and assessing its novelty, background, and motivations for patenting.


The project then leverages Inlecom’s Innovation Management Methodological Framework for determining which of the proposed inventions would proceed to the patent filing stage. This decision
making process is meticulous, with considerations given to: 

Novelty: Ensuring the invention’s uniqueness against global prior art.
Inventive step (Non-Obviousness): Assessing if the invention brought a significant new
perspective or method to the table.
Utility: Ensuring the invention was practically feasible.

Filing Strategy

The final step involves strategic decisions regarding the geography of patent filing. The Innovation & IPR Manager plays a crucial role in guiding inventors on the most appropriate region or country to lodge their patent application. This decision is based on several considerations, from the patent’s intended use and protection against competitors to aligning with the patent holder’s long-term business goals.

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