Project Coordination.

Our Method

Inlecom Commercial Pathways has a proven history of successfully executing challenging international collaborative research projects across diverse sectors.

From Pre-Project Kick Off to Project Closure, our Project Managers control each stage of the process, applying best practice approaches such as PRINCE2, PMP and our extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure accurate monitoring, accountability, visibility and control of each element.


In this phase we bring together domain experts, academic partners and technology providers to create a project proposal. We manage the process and ensure that the project objectives are achievable, the consortium partnership has the expertise to deliver and the proposal addresses the aims and ambitions of the call.

Project Initiation

In this phase we lead the consortium partners through the Grant Preparation Phase, liaising with the European Commission addressing the needs of all stakeholders to baseline the project. We ensure that the resources to deliver are in place and that we have clarified and have an agreed understanding of the scope of work with those partners that will be responsible for delivery, avoiding confusion and differing views which can cause issues once the project is in progress.

Project Management

When the project officially starts we coordinate the kick off of the project, instigate the internal project governance structures, boards and functional committees to manage the project, we provide guidance and training on administrative aspects, Project Reporting, Risk Management and Quality control.  we also provide all necessary templating and supporting tools alongside the collaborative working environment and document repositories.

Project Delivery

In the project delivery phase our Project Managers oversee and control all aspects of the on time delivery of the project, ensuring the milestones are met and the deliverables submitted on time having passed a rigorous quality process.  We manage all internal and official periodic reporting aspects.  Not least, we ensure that the project partners are realising their goals and that the project as a whole is successful building long term collaborative relationships.

Project Delivery

Once the project is complete we manage the project closure phase, final reporting and payments.  Having successfully delivered the project we have a final wash up and bring lessons learned.


'Working with the ICP team was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had on an H2020 project. The coordination was extremely professional and well structured, resulting in seamless interaction between partners, a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and a project that achieved a lot. Kudos to Jenny and the team for their great work!'
Vincent Perez de Leon-Huet
Project Officer, European Organisation for Security
'I have had the privilege of working with ICP (Inlecom Commercial Pathways) on the PRECINCT project, and their professional approach to project coordination and their commitment to finding shared solutions are commendable. Jenny Rainbird's expertise significantly contributed to the project's success and the development of an ambitious pilot in Bologna!'
Giuseppe Luppino
Head of Unit EU Projects, Institute of for Transport and Logistics
“EU funded project PRECINCT gave us opportunity to work with colleges from Inlecom Commercial Pathways. Work under their coordination has been an excellent adventure which make us proud to be part of this success story. We hope that this has been just starting point for future pathways”

Dr. Denis Caleta
President of the Board, Institute for Corporative Security Studies
“ICP acted as coordinator of our project which had a very tight programme, a large network of consortium partners from various backgrounds, and extremely ambitious aims. Despite these challenges, ICP managed to coordinate the project expertly with professionalism and integrity throughout the process. We are extremely impressed with Jenny Rainbird’s organisational and technical competency, and would be delighted to work with her and ICP again.”
Lorcan Connolly
Director, Research Driven Solutions Ltd
“Working with ICP was a positive experience. They consistently adhered to the established timelines, provided support during moments of stagnation, and excelled at finding alternative solutions when challenges arose. In addition to her highly humane and friendly interaction with all consortium members, Jenny demonstrated a strong ability to manage complex projects and never hesitated in the face of difficulties.”

José Carlos Carrasco-Jiménez
Head of Unit EU Projects, Institute of for Transport and Logistics
“I would like to highlight the excellent work carried out by the ICP and especially by Jenny Rainbird as coordinator of the PRECINCT project. Her contribution has been fundamental to the successful implementation of the project. The effective communication has been the key for smooth collaboration between all project participants”

Marisa Escalante
Project Manager, TECNALIA

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