Divine Project

Our Mission

The EU-funded DIVINE project aims to show the cost benefits and added value of sharing agri-data. To do this, it will develop an agri-data ecosystem that combines data already commonly shared while also using industry-led pilots that are devised on data-sharing plans. The results would support policy makers, technology providers, farm representatives and other agri-data stakeholders.


DIVINE consortium will build an agri-data ecosystem that incorporates existing common agri data spaces while deploying industry-led pilots built on data sharing arrangements, to demonstrate the cost-benefit and added value in sharing agri data. DIVINE will assess its ecosystem at the level of policy impacts, the uptake of digital technologies, and economic and environmental performance.
DIVINE will promote its ecosystem and its assessments to technology providers, policy-makers, farm representatives, and various other agri-data stakeholders. It will take the first real concrete steps towards mature data markets in European and global agriculture.

Project Details


Led by EREVNITIKO PANEPISTIMIAKO INSTITOUTO SYSTIMATON EPIKOINONION KAI YPOLOGISTON, the DIVINE project comprises of partners from several countries including Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, and Estonia.

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