VITAL 5G Project

Our Mission

VITAL-5G project will create an open, virtual and flexible experimentation facility, comprised of an intelligent virtual platform, three distributed European 5G testbeds and associated vertical infrastructure, to enable the testing and validation of T&L network applications in real-life conditions, using 5G connectivity.


The VITAL-5G proposal plans to showcase the added-value of 5G connectivity for the European T&L sector by adopting a multi-modal approach containing major logistics hubs for freight and passengers (sea ports, river ports, warehouse / logistics hubs, highways, etc.) as well as the respective stakeholders (road operators, port authorities, 3rd party logistics (3PL) operators), thus creating an end-to-end chain of connected T&L services accommodating the entire continent.

Project Details


Led by WINGS ICT Solutions, Vital 5G comprises of partners from several EU countries including Greece, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, and Romania.

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