5G Timber Project


The transition to 5G mobile communications and Industry 5.0 will enable greatly accelerated digitalisation and circular development models for producers and consumers. The wood industry is part of this transition. The multidisciplinary EU-funded 5G-TIMBER project combines expertise in wood material models, digital twins, AR, 5G, etc. to help SME end-users optimise workflow, reduce waste and improve safety. It will also work towards improving the entire wood value chain. The solution will be tested in Norway, Estonia and Finland – three countries where wood product manufacturing is important.


To support the rapid uptake of 5G technologies, considering real industrial practices and constraints in the EU timber industry over the whole value chain, focusing on small-volume manufacturing industries. Working closely with wood industries, 5G-Timber aims to increase wood-based materials recycling by 50%, increase productivity by 15%, reach 99% of the work done in the factory (vs. 85% today), reduce on-site work by 10%, reduce product nonconformities by 10%, and increase workers’ safety in wooden houses production and onsite assembling

Project Details


5G-TIMBER consortium consists of 16 organisations from 10 countries representing companies and university/academia representatives as 5G industry applications developers, analysers of the industrial needs and technological requirements to deploy 5G private networks across the wood value chain with exploitation potential to further industries.

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