PRIME VR2 Project

Our Mission

PRIME-VR2 project aims to develop a state-of-art digital environment for VR rehabilitation at home through a virtual gaming space that will provide proper stimulation and friendly competition. The treatment will concentrate on motor skills of the upper body (an arm, hand and finger movements). The VR environment will be customised through adaptive controllers and shaped individually for each user according to their condition.


Virtual Reality (VR) environments have huge potential for those with compromised physical capability in providing a sense of freedom and motivation, but there are significant barriers in access and effective use in this context. To address these user and technological challenges, this project aims to develop an accessible, collaborative VR rehabilitation environment that uses a serious gaming virtual space to provide stimulus, socialisation and friendly competition for users on the path to rehabilitation. By focussing on upper mobility and the reclamation of fine motor skills, the issues of fidelity of movement, ergonomic accessibility, adaptive testing and feedback, and socicalision become paramount in creating a viable user experience

Project Details


Led by Universita Di Pisa, Prime VR2 comprised of partners from several countries including Italy, UK, Ireland, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta.

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