Multicycle Project

Our Mission

MultiCycle project aimed to introduce an advanced and sustainable recycling process as well as the value chains for plastic-based multi-materials. The project demonstrated monitoring systems for material identification and an industrial recycling pilot plant for fossil or bio-based multilayer packaging and fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites from automotive sector. The plant was based on an innovative solvent-based selective extraction process to retrieve pure plastics and additives from mixed wastes. Recyclates were reprocessed into new value-added products.


With an overarching mission to maximise the valorisation of our finite plastic resources, MultiCycle will deliver an industrial recycling pilot plant for thermoplastic-based multi-materials. This action will be based on the CreaSolv® process (CreaSolv® is a registered trademark of CreaCycle GmbH) patented by the partner FRAUNHOFER, which will be upscaled and digitised. 

Project Details


Led by IRIS, Multicycle comprised of partners from several EU countries including Spain, Ireland, Germany, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Greece and the UK.

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